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Tire Reviews

Purchasing tires brings up a question: Which product should I buy and is the higher price for a prestigious brand worth the money? The price for the cheapest and the most expensive tire can vary significantly - with a whole set of tires to buy a significant sum. If you don't expose your car to extreme stresses like high speeds, winter holidays in the mountains or driving the race track, you are well advised with tires in the medium price range.

Inform first, then buy

Magazines and automobile clubs scrutinise tires regularly. Such a tire test is highly complex and yields many measured data on the test site and in the laboratory as well. Then everything is evaluated and converted to ratings. Whether the recommended products of these tire tests convince the motorists as well, is another matter. A return after purchase, if not satisfied in daily use, is not possible.

The aforementioned tire tests are a good basis for the purchase decision, but you should also consider experiences from other motorists. The individual opinion of a friend or relative is not necessarily representative, but hundreds or even thousands customer ratings for a tire are really helpful. These tire reviews can be found on Tiretest.com. The better known a brand is, the more opinions are available on our website - even for smaller tire manufacturers from Asia.

Different evaluation criteria

Like automobile clubs and magazines we are also interested in several criteria: How good is the grip of the tire in different weather conditions or its braking distance in the wet or on snow? Is ride comfort satisfactory and the noise not too loud? What about the wear out after a certain time and what about the fuel consumption? These are the questions that interest motorists before buying tires - answered by tire reviews.

Manufacturers refine their tires - with new technologies to optimise the performance. There are some hurdles to overcome. For example, the economic values (wear, fuel consumption) are in contradiction with the grip. If a tire with low rolling resistance inevitably has some problems with adhesion. Here you will find the tire with the best compromise, because our comfort search allows you to filter the products according to the partial ratings of tire tests. First select between summer, winter and all-season tires for passenger cars, motorcycle tires, van, 4x4 or lorry tires. Then click on comfort search. You can narrow the manufacturer and tire dimension to obtain even more accurate results. Our customer reviews will help you to find the perfect tires for your vehicle and your needs.